About the Venue

Damascus International Fairground is fully equipped to carry out all kinds of events, trade shows, and exhibitions in Syria. With state-of-the-art facilities & infrastructure, the exhibition venue provides a total of 1.2 million sqm of exhibit space. A new exhibition & events facility provides an indoor space of around 6,300 sqm, and an outdoor area of approximately 150000 sqm. This first-class facility consists of a business center, ample parking space, (11000 sqm), and offers exhibitor services at the highest level. Organizing a number of successful and well known exhibitions and services, the Damascus International Fairground is a favorite venue amongst both national and international exhibitors

Figures for the new fairgrounds

Distributed tracts showrooms, facilities and services and green spaces in the following form:

    1. Total area: one million and two hundred thousand square meters which is equivalent to thirteen times the area of the old city of the exhibition.
    2. Building exhibition space: 63,000 sqm.
    3. Open exhibition spaces: the convergence of 150,000 sqm.
    4. Warehouses, workshops, buildings and customs warehouses: 17,000 sqm
    5. Building Services (2100 sqm); Permanent Health Center / Radio And Television Center / Bank / Fire Station / Three Security Buildings.
    6. A Permanent Business Center (2725 sqm) + Permanent Press Center (2725 sqm).
    7. Restaurants and Cafeterias (12,500 sqm).
    8. Meetings, Symposia Halls (Hall avilable at every international suite 363 sqm).
    9. Administration Buildings (4500 sqm).
    10. Green space – the first phase of the current (40,000 sqm) green areas.
    11. Nine parking areas (total area 11,000 sqm, total capacity 1800 cars) .
    12. Internal roads and the surrounding area: (150,000 sqm).
    13. Ten gates for visitors.
    14. Five gates for cars.
    15. Telecommunication services and monitoring: 200 external phone lines + 1008 telephone lines (as implementation of fiber optic network covering the city + electronic monitoring system)