Getting the Visa

  • General Instructions for Tourists Arriving in the Syrian Country:

An Arab and foreign expatriate must have the following:

    1. A valid passport for a period of not less than one month after the end of the visa period, provided that it is issued by a country recognized by Syria, and not by an Israeli visa, and that the name of its holder is not included in the list of persons prohibited from entering Syria.
    2. Visa or transit visa granted by the Syrian embassy or consulate in the country of origin or residence of the foreigner. The visa or transit visa shall be granted by the Immigration and Passports Centers on the border to nationals of foreign countries where there is no diplomatic representation of Syria and foreigners who reside permanently.
    3. Foreign and diplomatic exit visas shall be granted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and diplomatic missions.
    4. Entry visa: These are two types:
    5. Six months: valid for one or several trips and may be granted for one year.
    6. Three months: valid only once.
    7. Traffic Visa: These are two types:
    8. Three months and valid for one trip.
    9. Three months and valid for several trips.
    10. The entry visa or passageway may include the wife of the foreigner and his minor children, provided that their names and ages are registered in the assigned place.
    11. An alien who wishes to reside in the Syrian Arab Republic for more than 15 days from the date of entry into it must check with the Immigration and Passports Department or its branches in the governorates to apply for a residence permit
    12. The residence permit shall be granted directly to Arabs and foreigners born in the Syrian country and wives of Syrian citizens
    13. If the residence card is lost or damaged, the Immigration and Passport Department in Damascus shall review its branches in the governorates within three days from the date of loss or damage, in lieu of a new card
    14. Permission to stay granted a work permit and those wishing to engage in work in the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic shall not be subject to permission from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor.
    15. Every Arab or foreigner over 15 years of age who has been registered on a residence card must obtain a new independent residence similar to that of his / her parents in terms of type, duration and date, and a new passport regardless of his / her passport.
    16. Arabs and foreigners with special or ordinary residence are not entitled to absences abroad for more than six months.
    17. Arabs and foreigners holding temporary residence who have an exit and return visa are not allowed to leave the country for more than three months.The Lebanese should review the police department within six days from the date of his entry into Syria to grant him a personal identification card to facilitate his stay and travel in Syria.
  • Facilitations and Exemptions for Foreign Tourists:
    1. Arab citizens are allowed to enter the Syrian Arab Republic and pass through it without obtaining the entry or transit visa, and only register them duly in the records of arrivals and departures after issuing passports or travel documents or entry cards for Lebanese nationals who enter under the ID card With an entry or departure stamp.
    2. Foreign tourists coming from non-restricted categories under books issued by offices and tourist companies from the country from which they come, whether they were individuals or groups, and marked with the seals of these offices and under a group passport bearing passport photos or passport for each of them. Are in the country and leave with their sponsorship and are granted access to these free of charge.
    3. The children of all the Arab countries, the Gulf and the UAE shall be exempted from the entry visa and passage from the country or the permission to stay or exit visa.
    4. Exempt from fees:
      • Foreign and Arab students who are officially registered at a recognized university.
      • The clergy.
      • Arab and foreign experts and contractors.
      • Journalists and correspondents of news agencies.
      • Non-diplomatic personnel in foreign and Arab political and consular organizations.
      • The parents of a member of the political or consular corps accredited in the country, his children, his wife, his brothers and sisters, and his followers, who are educators and servants.
      • Palestinian refugees and their minor children.
      • Foreigners and Arabs whom the Director of the Immigration and Passports Department deems exempt for special considerations of international courtesies or for their material incompetence.  
    5. Exempting Syrian Arab expatriates who hold foreign passports from obtaining residence and assigning those who were not registered to register in the civil records and subjecting them to exit visa when they wish to leave with their foreign passports after one month after their entry after presenting the conscription approval for those of the age of recruitment and And to instruct them to pay the exit fee due upon departure, similar to the Syrian citizens and allow them to enter their foreign passports, even if they are not marked by the features of entry from the Syrian Arab missions abroad and are given the necessary free features by the centers of limit Dr.

Facilities provided to Investors

  1. Raising the price of neighboring countries in the bank's bulletin to almost equivalent to foreign markets.
  2. Increase the amount to be exchanged from the remaining foreign currency with the passengers when they leave the country and within (15) days.
  3. Exemption of arrivals to the country from payment of / 100 / dollars, which the bank has taken to take from all arrivals.
  4. The bank is working on the credit card project.

Customs Facilities

  1. A foreigner may enter personal gifts, personal effects and travel equipment for personal use without any customs duties.
  2. The owners of vehicles permanently residing abroad who come to Syria for the purpose of temporary residence shall be allowed to enter their borrowed cars and registered in the country of expatriation in accordance with the following customs duties:
    • Charges due to cars under a temporary entry card for a period of / 15 / day at / 1685 / SP The equivalent equivalent of $ / 40 / $ equivalent to other foreign currency +/- $ 30 for compulsory insurance for the car paid to the insurance company Syrian conflict.
    • The fees for the book issued to vehicles registered in the Arab countries are / 5035 / SP The equivalent of / 117 / dollars or the equivalent of other accepted currencies +/- $ 30 / is a mandatory insurance paid to the insurance company.
    • The wife or an adult member of the family is allowed to enter or drive the car in the Syrian Arab Republic to meet the conditions of residence outside the country.

Health Provisions

  1. Passengers coming from areas infected with yellow fever when entering the country to produce a certificate of vaccination against the disease.
  2. Those wishing to stay in Syria for more than one year must present a certificate of AIDS free.
  3. A tourist who brings a pet must take his / her health certificate in English certified by his country. For cats and dogs.